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Post a Comment. May - First Year - Introduction to Ethics. In emergency rescue cases, like Trolley, it seems to many people that it is permissible to kill an innocent person. Explain your attitude to Trolley cases, and justify your view with reference to some of the theories we have discussed in the unit. Trolley is an emergency rescue case where a runaway trolley careens down a track.
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Utilitarianism: The Trolley Problem, By Immanuel Kant

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How 'The Good Place' Goes Beyond ‘The Trolley Problem’ - The Atlantic

The act utilitarianism is a part of the general utilitarian theory, related to the ethics. The founders of this theory are J. Bentham, J. Mill, and H. Sidgwick, are very close to the hedonism because they considered the main goal of the human to get please and to be happy, avoiding pain and troubles. According to the act utilitarianism, any act is measured by the contribution to the human happiness. If an act brings more positive effects to compare with another act, then such act is morally right.
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Deontology And Utilitarianism: The Trolley Problem By Judith Thomson

The trolley problem is a series of thought experiments in ethics and psychology , involving stylized ethical dilemmas of whether to sacrifice one person to save a larger number. Opinions on the ethics of each scenario turn out to be sensitive to details of the story that may seem immaterial to the abstract dilemma. The question of formulating a general principle that can account for the differing moral intuitions in the different variants of the story was dubbed the "trolley problem" in a philosophy paper by Judith Jarvis Thomson. The most basic version of the dilemma, known as "Bystander at the Switch" or "Switch", goes thus:. There is a runaway trolley barreling down the railway tracks.
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Utilitarianism is defined as the belief that actions are right if it promotes happiness or pleasure. Identifying an action as wrong or right depends on the amount of happiness or unhappiness an individual expresses from the action that takes place. To understand this theory, let us look at an example otherwise known as the Trolley Problem. The Trolley Problem is a concerning situation where a loose trolley is flying through a singular straight. The brakes fail and if you do not flip the switch to make an oncoming turn, you will kill five people trapped on the tracks ahead.

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